Bryce the Steer
Steer Madness

Save animals in this fun and original game for Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac. Play as Bryce the Steer in daring missions which help make the world a better place for all inhabitants!

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Steer Madness is free to play!

But please consider showing your support by making a donation. This will help cover the cost of developing the game, and potentially fund future vegan-themed game projects.

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Bryce's first day in Fairview

Meet Bryce

Kind, compassionate, and inventive. But like most cows, Bryce was seen only as a product to be sold and was destined for the slaughterhouse.

Thanks to the brave actions of animal rights activists, he was rescued and now lives his life in the city of Fairview.

Bryce taking the Metro


The City of Fairview is a small but vibrant city, home to a wide variety of shops, businesses, and one of the best Metro systems around.

With Bryce's help, this once average city is quickly becoming the most animal-friendly city in the world!

Bryce joining in a protest

The Activist

It didn't take long for Bryce to learn about the cruelty behind everyday products — animals being used to make clothing, food, entertainment, cosmetics, and more. He couldn't sit by and do nothing while countless other animals were suffering.

Alongside other activists, Bryce vowed to do whatever it takes to put an end to animal cruelty.

Bryce on an undercover mission

Cow on a Mission

There's no task that Bryce can't handle!

Save the rabbits? No problem.

Sneak into a secure testing facility? Easy peasy.

Put an end to factory farming? Peace of cake! (vegan cake, of course!)

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Game Credits

Design, Writing, Art and Programming

Johnathan Skinner

Additional Art

JB Garraza
Mehdi Rabiee
Jenny Kirby
Azade Ghassemi


Bryce - Johnathan Skinner
Jacklyn - Casper Chatelier
Scientist - Kevin Neeliah
Cosmetics CEO - Norina Maniscalco
Big Bob - Will Bradley
Harry - Damien Hayden
Beatrice - Beth A. Hanken
Stanley - Dennis Zhao

Additional Voices

Isabel Luciani Rodriguez
Sissel Wøien Mo
Jack Middleton
Sheila Precoor


Vitalii Korol
Nver Avetyan
Finite Music Forge
Thank you to all the fabulous artists and creatives who released their work under a Creative Commons license, allowing it to be used in this game:


Mae Mu, LikeMeat, Julian Hochgesang, Bree Anne, Thomas Park


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